Yachtpro is an organisation dedicated to assisting people to fulfil their goals in yachting.

Whether you are just being introduced to the sport or seeking to increase your skills and knowledge; Yachtpro ensures that your personal requirements are addressed.

Yachtpro courses are designed:

    1. So you enjoy sailing safely and competently.

    2. Improve your knowledge and skills.

    3. Race more competitively.

    4. Broaden the scope and horizons of your cruising.

Yachtpro's courses adhere to the syllabus set by the Australian Yachting Federation. This not only ensures a progressive approach to learning and skill acquisition, but recognises successful completion with National Certification.

Certification is a recognised testament to its holders proven competency and is a widely accepted conduit to opportunities.

Yachtpro makes learning fun and ensures each course graduate is both comfortable and competent at their certified standard.

Recognising that many of the concepts studied are quite new to students, Yachtpro staff ensure each student gets the individual attention they require.

Yachtpro courses are not graded or in any way competitively assessed.

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