Inshore Navigation Code YPN1

Coastal Navigation Code YPN2

Offshore Navigation

Radio Operators Licence

Inshore Navigation Code YPN1

                     Navigational skills that will keep you safe in Inshore waters.

AYF:              Inshore (Part)

Format:         7 x 3hr theory

Subjects:       Charts & Publications - Nav. Instruments - Compasses - Chart work - Position Fixing - Tides & Currents -

                    Pilotage - Visual Aids - Passage Planning - Restricted Visibility.

Coastal Navigation Code YPN2

                    Designed to equip you to navigate coastally.

AYF:             Coastal Navigation

Format:        8 x 3hr theory

Subjects:      Position and Speed - Charts & Publications - Nav.

                   Instruments -DR & EP - Position lines - Compasses - Position Fixing - Coastal Navigation - Restricted Visibility -

                   Deck Log - Tides & Currents.

Offshore Navigation

                   Learn offshore navigation suitable for the long distance mariner, both

                   celestial and instrument.

AYF:            Offshore Navigator

Format:       12 x 4 hr theory

Subjects:     Navigation Theory - Charts - Tides - Position Fixing -

                   Buoyage & Lights - Collision Regs.

Radio Operators Licence

Radio Operator Code: YPRAD

Format:       3 x 3 hr includes exam.

                  Learn how to use a radio and sit the examination to get your license.